Bicycle Repair Classes

Interested in learning to maintain and repair your own bike?  We offer classes for that.


Roadside or Trailside Repair ClassBike Repair Classes

Learn the basics-how to change a flat tire quickly and easily, how to clean and lube your drivetrain, how to deal with a broken chain and make minor adjustments.  Classes are limited to 5 students.  Payment can be made by mailing a check or we can take a credit card number over the phone.



Advanced Home Mechanic CourseAdvanced Bicycle Mechanic Course

Learn how to do what the bike shops do-from the basics all the way through hub and bottom bracket overhauls to spoke replacement and wheel truing.  This course is roughly 8 hours long and includes a textbook.  The class is limited to 5 students due to space considerations as well as to ensure each student is able to get the most out of the class.



Overhaul and Instruction

The ultimate hands-on learning experience.  Bring your bike for an all day step-by-step overhaul and rebuild.  Instruction can include suspension overhaul and wheel building.  By appointment only, allow up to two weeks depending on parts availability. 6-8 Hours.

$400 plus parts