Bike Sales

New Bikes

We have access to RitcheySPOT Brand Bicycles, Masi, Rocky Mountain, and MOOTS.

Custom Builds

Do you have a new frame and need to swap parts over and get fitted?  Sweet.  Robert’s a pro at that.  Want to add some custom wheels?  He can build those too.  Just shoot us an email or give Robert a call to discuss your new ride.

Used Bikes

From time to time will have used bikes on hand and are experimenting with selling bikes and parts on consignment, as well as selling on Ebay.  This is a new to us, so we’re still working out the kinks/details.  In the mean-time, here’s what we’ve got:

Trek 69er Frame

17″, White, only $100:

White Trek 69er frame

Surly Moonlander, Size Small (16″ frame), only 200 miles on it, $1800

Used Surly Moonlander for sale in virginia

Borealis Yampa, Size Large, Like new, with upgrades, only $2600!!!

2015-01-09 18.28.35


Year Manufacturer Make Model Size Price Condition
2016 Masi CXGR Gravel 56cm $1,470 NEW
2016 Masi CXGR Gravel 53cm $1,470 NEW
2016 Masi CXGR Supremo 53cm $2,200 DEMO
2014 Redline Conquest Cyclocross 44cm (Kids) $700 USED
???? GT Xinzang Ti Large $500 USED
???? Raleigh MTB Mixed build Small (Kids) $250 USED
2007 Trek Madone 5.2 56cm $500 USED-Repaired Carbon
2015 Raleigh RXC 53cm $1,300 DEMO
2008 Trek 69er frame only Medium $100 USED
???? GT Dyno VFR $300 USED
2008 Lemond Reno 49cm $400 USED
2015 Soma B-side frame only Large (19″) $400 NEW