Dirt Fest, Blinglespeeds, and a Vintage Fridge

The last few weeks have been so busy I’ve neglected the blog and website terribly!  I know there are people out there that lack social media accounts and rely on the website to keep up with Robert, so if you’re in that category, I’m sorry.  I will do my best to blog everything I post to social media while we’re at Interbike.

Speaking of Interbike, Red Barn Bicycles will be closed September 18-21st while we’re in Vegas checking out all the latest developments in the cycling industry.  Meanwhile, here’s some pictures and mini-updates:

Bobby rocking the old school Murray.
We had a ton of fun at DirtFest! Many thanks to Todd Smith and all of the EVMA volunteers for putting on such an awesome event at Freedom Park. We didn’t get many photos, so if anyone has pictures from the Huffy toss, send them our way.
Vintage fridge
We got a “new” fridge-it’s almost 60 years old and still runs great (well, it doesn’t really run persay as there’s no moving parts it’s dead quiet.
Robert at a desk?!?!
We finally have an office in the barn! And a 15/5 internet connection, which is blazing fast compared to what we’re used to. And Robert has his first desk ever, but don’t expect to see him in a tie! :)
Ritchey Ridged Single Speed
Here’s a recent custom build that turned out sweet! It’s a Ritchey P-29er rigid single speed with a SRAM XX-1 crankset, Shimano XT brakes, and Industry 9 Ultralight wheels. It weighs in at 19lbs even, which is lighter than some road bikes!
Where in the world is the Red Barn T?
In the last 11 months the t shirt has been to Japan, Trondheim, Norway, Rome, the Isle of Man TT race, Honduras, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Denali, Alaska, and the top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire!