There’s this junior racer you may know…

Adam Croft, Cyclocross MTB, RoadHis name is Adam Croft, and if you’ve ridden or raced here in the greater Hampton Roads and Richmond areas, you’ve likely been beaten by him at least once.  Which might be annoying if he wasn’t such a genuinely nice kid.  While he has sponsors for Road Racing (Williams Racing Academy and Greenbrier Pawn/Fat Frogs) and for Cyclocross (ALAN North America), he didn’t have a sponsor for the Mountain Bike season.  So we teamed up with Jeff Hellner of Service Mechanical to provide him a bike and kit this past fall just in time for the Tidewater Challenge.  Being a growing boy he grew out of that bike pretty quick, so Haro stepped in and helped us get him on a Flightline Carbon Pro29er for the 2014 season.  It’s super light and has a full XT group, Reba fork, and Ritchey and Pro accessories.  You can check out his Palmarès (cyclists resume) here if you’re interested and able to help sponsor him in the coming season.

First ride on the new Flightline Carbon Pro 29
Adam’s first ride out on the new Haro!