Upcoming Cycling Events

I had great intentions of getting the cycling calendar up before the summer started, but here it is August already!  It’s at the top of the winter to-do-list (right after getting enough wood split to be able to type without gloves).  There are four rides/races that Robert and I will be doing over the next few weeks that we’d like to draw attention to.

1) Devil’s Backbone Mountain Cross-there are 75 and 35 mile options, and the climbing looks brutal.  Robert’s gonna do the 75, I’m going to do the 35 and suffer the whole way-I’m not a fun of going “up” as most people know.  It’s in Nelson County with beautiful mountain views, so that makes it worth the suffering.

2) Labor Day Ride-from the shop (or meet us on the way) to the Starbucks by Walmart and back.  19mph average-bring cash for Starbucks.  Usually Robert would be up at the SM100 (for the 11th or 12th? time), but we’ve got to pick and choose events carefully

3) Martin’s Tour of Richmond (AKA-the Richmond Gran Fondo)-Robert did it last year and said it was a really cool event.  The super cool cycling community up in the big city of Richmond is getting ready for the 2015 World Championships and it appears they’re using this event as practice.  Which means rolling enclosures for the lead groups, closed intersections, and overall killer support.  Seriously-you should sign up for the ride just to experience the awesomeness that is having a motorcycle escort for your paceline.

4) The Tidewater Challenge-26th Annual!!!  Because not only is it the most bad-ass local mountain bike race of the year, it’s the longest running MTB race in the country.  Little old Williamsburg, Virginia has the longest running race in the whole country!!!  The course is amazing, even if it may be the last year on that course, let’s enjoy it while we can!  It’s a great course for spectators and the weather is usually pretty good-just in case you needed more reasons.