We made it a year!

Keep Calm, and Ride Your Damn Bike

Starting a business is scary.  No matter how well prepared we felt at the beginning, nothing can prepare you for the reality of jumping off that cliff into the unknown.  Those first weeks were terrifying, and wonderful.  Actually, that part hasn’t changed yet-most months have scary moments and times of elation.   October 17th was our official one-year anniversary.  And what a year it’s been.  We really cannot say THANK YOU enough to all our friends, customers, and vendors for the support you’ve given us.  So many people have made this little alternative shop possible-from construction and painting to buying wheelsets and fork overhauls.

Black Creek Workshop, we wouldn’t be here without you.  From inspiration to endless hours of construction.  All of the awesome design features-the reclaimed tin and wood, paint colors, and layout are from Ben and Maeve’s brilliant minds.

Hawley USA and our awesome rep Mike Rosemond.  Mike and Hawley gave us the break we needed to get started and buy tools and basic repair parts.  A year later our relationship is stronger than ever

We are continually amazed by the support of our community,  you have been our best “advertising,” without you telling your friends, co-workers, and neighbors where to find us, we might not have survived this first year.  You’ve bought t-shirts, and shop kits, and dropped by to talk about marketing ideas with a 6-pack and picked up a paint roller during the conversation.  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you again for your support and for making our little dream a viable reality.  We look forward to seeing you all on the trails and on the road during our 2nd year in business!